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Why Go Solar?

Young Woman in Sun Hat on Beach

Lock In Your Energy Rates


When you go solar with SunLife Power, you start saving money. That’s because you’re producing your own power with solar panels installed right on the roof of your home. This means you don’t have to rely on expensive rates and annual rate increases from your power company.

Let the Sun Work for You


Solar power comes from panels installed directly on the roof of your home. You generate the power you need, and become your own power company! Any additional power that your solar panel produces goes back into the Grid, helping your neighbors to power their homes with clean, sustainable energy. You can lock in your rate for 20 years and not give your power a second thought.

Earth and Space

The Impact of Going Solar


Here are a few environmental reasons to go solar: 1) Switching from dirty fossil fuels to clean solar power is equivalent to the effect of planting around 150 trees every year. 2) Choosing to go solar is the equivalent of driving 440,000 miles less over the course of 25 years. 3) The average American home uses 10,399 kWh of electricity annually. Choosing a clean source of electricity, like solar panels, can eliminate the same amount of carbon emissions that would result from burning about 3,718 pounds of coal each year.

Lock in Your Rate

No more rate hikes. Now you can lock in your electric rate for 20 years.

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