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We will pay you $1,500 for each homeowner you refer to us that ends up using SunLife Power to "Go Solar".

Tell all your friends and neighbors about all the benefits of solar power:

  • Clean - 1 kWh of solar prevents 300 lbs of CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere

  • Responsible - Feeds energy back into the power grid

  • Patriotic - Builds American energy independence and grows our economy

  • Adds Value - Solar increases a home resale throughout all regions of the US

  • Lowers Electricity Costs - Pay up to 100% less for electricity and avoid utility provider rate increases

  • Tax Incentives & Rebates - Get reimbursed up to 75% of solar panel system costs

Lock in Your Rate

No more rate hikes. Now you can lock in your electric rate for 20 years.