David Wallace


Robert Hussey of Sun Life Solar has (so far) been a dream to work with. I wasn't actively seeking a solar system on my house, but he answered every skeptical question in such a convincing way, it made no sense for me not to go through with the project. Robert makes me feel like his only client. He's such a good salesman that I consider him a partner on improvements on my home and feel like he'll be that for me for years to come.

Mark Brown


This process was very simple start to finish. All design details and cost were laid out from the beginning. The installation crew was punctual, professional and informative. SunLife Power took care of all the permits and HOA approvals. This process was so smooth – unlike a previous solar system installation experience we had. At the beginning of the year, we also received a call to remind us to claim our tax credit when filing taxes! I would definitely recommend SunLife Power!

Todd Robbins


Great experience working with SunLife Power! They helped make the transition to Solar extremely easy. Matt was great to work with and he explained everything with such detail and thoroughness. It let me really understand what solar meant for me and my family! If anyone wants to learn about solar, I would definitely recommend looking into SunLife Power!

Kevin Blaine Childers and Annemieke Childers

Titan solar

Your staff we were in contact with were some of the best I’ve ever worked with. It was a confusing experience at first with all the guidelines from our power company but the staff was great with updates on progress and helping us move through this process. Came to our installation day and John and his crew called to let me know they were on there way and showed up on time. Did great work, easy to get along with and understand. We are so happy this far. Ready for inspection now.